Britt Allen

Dallas TV Presenter, Actor, Emcee, Voice Talent, Model
Voices Thrown Silent Screening - 20 February 2014
Voices Thrown Silent, the comedy short I shot for Toronto Monkey Works last year will be screening March 4 at the Texas Theatre.

Some Shots from Hard Rock Casino Shoot 
- 6 February 2014
So we haven't received final copy yet but here are a couple of shots from the photographer, Jeremy Charles', website

Gaylord Texan Resort
- 4 February 2014
Here are some of the final shots from our Gaylord Texan Resort commercial & print shoot

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Commercial 
- 23 January 2014
Shot June 2013

Visionworks Commercial
- 5 December 2013
I just shot another commercial for Visionworks, playing a Spin class participant.

WFAA-8 Commercial Shoot
- 21 November 2013
On a very cold and rainy day, most of Dallas was commemorating the JFK 50th but we were shooting a new promo commercial for local station WFAA-8.  Here's my "family" shot.

Plano Photography Club
- 6 November 2013
I've just received the final shots from the Plano Photography Club shoot.

I'm Free
- 4 November 2013
Here is the final version of the music video for I'm Free by Joy Webb.  You can pick up her album here.

Parent Compass
- 12 October 2013
Just shot a pilot episode of Parent Compass for Fusion Productions.

- 28 September 2013
Yesterday was one of the weirdest and most fun shoots I've ever been on.  We were shooting a Japanese travel show for NTVIC at Twisted Root Burger Co.  I've been there heaps of times but never knew they gave out weird, random penny discounts for things like "best smile", "nicest person", "most sexy".  I did my best to remember my Japanese phrases from when I was a dancer in Japan and did catch the host talking about playboys. I freaked them all out by joining in the conversation.

67 Designs
- 25 September 2013
Today we shot some lifestyle stills for the new 67 Designs Third Arm iPad holder.  It's a wonderfully crafted product that looks like a piece of art!  The shoot was at a gorgeous home near Highland Park.

Gaylord Texan Resort
- 10 September 2013

Just finished a three day commercial and print shoot for the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine, TX.  What a beautiful location!  We all had so much fun at the water park, zip lining and water sliding, followed by a day shooting in the fabulous Glass Cactus night club and final day at the spa!  It's pretty cool being an actor.

Springhill Suites/Marriott
- 23 August 2013
The shoot for Springhill Suites yesterday was fun.  I got to meet a bunch of new actors and the food was fantastic!

Dr Pepper/Snapple 
- 18 August 2013
Just shot a Dr Pepper/Snapple industrial with my good friends at Agora Entertainment who produced I'm Free.

Voices Thrown Silent - 17 August 2013
We shot my scene last night in the Bishop Arts District. It was a lot of fun watching the reactions of passers by to my hooker outfit! 

Joy Webb "I'm Free" Video -
8 July 2013
Here's the first cut of Joy Webb's music video for her song, "I'm Free"

Booked for Visionworks
3 July 2013
Just booked a commercial shoot for Visionworks here in Dallas.

Voices Thrown Silent Short
29 June 2013
I was just booked for the role of Australian hooker in Paul Armstrong's short comedy "Voices Thrown Silent". We shoot in Dallas in August and I'm looking forward to being trashy in my native tongue (was that a pun?)

Joy Webb Music Video "I'm Free" - 21 June 2013
I had no sooner returned from the Hard Rock shoot in OK when I was booked on a music video for Christian rock artist Joy Webb.  So thrilled and honored to be part of something with such an important message.  Can't wait to see the finished product.

Hark Rock Hotel & Casino 5 June 2013
Just been booked for a Hard Rock Hotel & Casino commercial in Tulsa, OK so I'll be heading up there for a a four day shoot next week.  

Plano Photography Club - 4 June 2013

My first shoot in Dallas was with the Plano Photography Club.  It was a beautiful day out at Lake Lewisville and everyone was super lovely to work with.  A great way to start work in a new country!
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